How Care 4 U was born
Care 4 U was born out of experiences of my own life long journey as a nurse, youth worker, teacher and as a parent.
It was born out of the need for a way of Being, a way of Living and a way of Practice.
On my life's journey I have been an advocate for the well-being of different groups of young children, teenagers and adults. These amazing people have been of great influence in my life; they have awakened my potential and qualities and they changed my awareness. They have been great teachers who inspired me and filled my soul with love and understanding. They expanded my horizon.
I have experienced the benefits and importance of caring with my full presence for myself and others; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Aims & goals
- Affordable care
done with compassion;
- Building strong relationships; 
- Working with and focussing on each one's unique and individual gifts and potential;
- Assist in building confidence;
- Promote self-esteem and self-awareness;
- Promote a holistic approach to health and well-being;
- Empower people by sharing knowledge and awareness;
- Respect each individual and their culture;
- Support a positive social environment of belonging, acceptance and friendships;
- Deliver support and care to the best of our ability.

To create a caring and supportive world where we all can be and belong.