Holistic Nursing

What is holistic nursing?
Holistic nursing is a way of being, a way of living, and a way of practice. Holistic nursing recognizes the totality of the human being; the interconnectedness of body, mind and spirit. Holistic nursing is done in a tranquil, peaceful and harmonious environment and draws on the knowledge, theory, expertise, intuition and creativity of the practitioner. The main focus is on care and support, strengthening and encouraging self-healing. In holistic nursing often complementary and alternative modalities are used, based on what is most beneficial for the client's self-healing process, keeping in mind that the client's warmth and comfort needs to be maintained during the treatment. Holistic nursing honors the client's individual experiences, health beliefs and values. The treatments are gentle, nurturing and relaxing.

The following treatments are offered in holistic nursing:

Foot baths
Foot baths are very effective. They are calming, relaxing, soothing, strengthening, invigorating, stimulating, refreshing and awakening. Organic, natural substances, essential oils or bath milk is used for foot baths. After the foot bath, a small amount of massage oil is gently massaged over the feet, using smooth, gentle rhythmical movements. The massage oil that is used has the quality that the client's feet need.

External compresses

External compresses and other therapeutic external applications have belonged to the healing treasures of all cultures. The reliable home remedies from our grandmothers time, bring back memories of aroma, warmth, nurturing and caring. For a compress, peace and tranquillity is required before, during and after the application, because it doesn't only act through the particular substance being used, but also through the care and presence of the practitioner. A compress is an external application of a substance, hot or cold, applied directly on the skin. Skin is always connected with a sensory perception and awareness. The substance gives the body an external impulse through the skin and then acts internally deep into the body, so the body becomes more active and speeds up the self-healing process. A compress has a gently calming effect and can draw out heat, provide warmth, increase or stimulate circulation, revitalise, reduce muscular and nervous tension, reduce inflammation and swelling, and it can relieve pain. The used substances for a compress are always organic and natural.


Massage sets the body fluids in motion and stimulates the elimination of toxins and waste held in the tissue. Rhythm is used as a healing element. It strengthens the breathing and the heart. The stimulation of the tissue may manifest a feeling of ease, wholeness and a deep warming. It promotes circulation and relaxation and has generally a great effect on Mental, Emotional and Physical Health and Well-Being. The massage is gentle and nurturing. Intuition and awareness is used to connect on a deeper level with the cells of the body, so the massage can be carried out sensitively and consciously.

In this treatment only organic & bio-dynamic and 100% pure essential oils will be used. The following products can be used: Dr. Hauschka, Weleda, Aura-Soma, Wala. Please note that there may be a surcharge for some of the products. 

For information about complementary and alternative modalities, which can be used during holistic nursing, please click on 'Holistic therapies'.