The sacredness of care

All life is precious and all people are to be valued and treated with kindness.

Within us there is a deep knowingness that the purpose of care is not only to do the work but to do the work with love and compassion. Therefore the most important aspect of holistic care is self-awareness.
The way we see ourselves is the way we see others. We can only help others if we know ourselves; our strengths, our limitations and our gifts.

Our own attitudes and our own thoughts have a profound effect on the people we care for.
It’s the way we speak, the way we listen, and the level of presence we offer, which adds an important quality to care. When we put consciously our own agenda’s and concerns aside and are fully present, fully focusing on the person we care for without having attachments or expectations, we access the ground of our being, the essence of our self, and allow our consciousness to rest in that infinite space. This is when healing happens naturally. The key is not what we do, but how we do it. If we create the right environment, which includes our own state of being, we allow healing to happen.

We have to recognize our wholeness and way of being and recapture the parts of ourselves that we have left behind, bringing heart and soul back to our lives and to the work we do.
To care for a person is an honour and a privilege.