Carer Support

Mechteld and Ivo offer carer support in the Tauranga area.
Their goal is to be an advocate and mentor for people in need of care and/or support,
and to empower them and their caregivers in a positive and inspiring way.

During the journey with their own five children they experienced the need for a beneficial support carer.
This experience has played a big part in their inspiration to setup 'Care 4 U'.
Mechteld has been a qualified nurse, and is specialized in working with people with physical, intellectual, sensory and behavioural needs.
In New Zealand Mechteld has taught children with autism and behavioural challenges in both a class environment and individually. She has also worked with children considered to be at risk (CYF) and she has coordinated and run a support group for parents with special needs children and hydro therapy music classes for autistic and physically and/or intellectually disabled children.
Mechteld and Ivo have a holistic approach to well-being and care.

Currently we can provide care and/or support from our home at Sacred Journeys Sanctuary, 429 Thompson's Track, Aongatete (between Tauranga and Katikati) or from your home.
If you are interested or want more information, you are welcome to contact us.

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